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The Living Your Passion Project: Dana Choi

Who are you? I go by the name Dana Choi. I am living and working in Korea, I am half Korean and half Dutch. I am a health advocate, certified raw vegan chef, and an artist. I like to make music and paint and create raw vegan foods that are delicious and spread the word about the benefits of such healing foods to anyone that is interested in my passion.   What do you do? Tell us about your typical day. I am a creative director in the F&B industry. I have a wide range of responsibilities so I do not usually have a typical day. I help communicate with our clients abroad and assist with importing products, other times...

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The Living Your Passion Project: Crystal Li

Who are you?  My name is Crystal and I write and produce a lifestyle blog called 'Le Petit Papillon.' I was born, raised and educated in England, then spent a year in Rome during University and I am now based in Asia.  What do you do? Tell us about your typical day.  I typically start my day reading and answering emails, checking Whatsapp and all the news and media outlets whilst drinking lots of water in preparation for my daily hot yoga class around midday. After hot yoga, I go grocery shopping for dinner and run any errands I may have that day around town. I spend the rest of my afternoon either working on my blog, writing and editing...

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The Living Your Passion Project: Thierry Chow

Who are you? I'm Thierry Chow, and I'm an artist / designer and Feng Shui apprentice. What do you do? Tell us about your typical day. I wake up and have breakfast, I usually walk to work, and I cook when I get home! I love reading a lot, so I usually put on music, and find a good book to read to end the night. How did it all start? How did you get into this industry? I've always studied art. I draw and have painted my whole life. When I came back to Hong Kong to work after graduating from university, I had started teaching art. But I've always felt that something was off, and teaching art didn't feel...

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