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The Living Your Passion Project: Aerial Cetnar

Who are you? 

I am Aerial, a yoga instructor and full-time graduate student.

What do you do? Tell us about your typical day.

Twice a week you will find me in school all day. The rest of the week I'm typically scouting out cute coffee shops around Los Angeles where I can get some schoolwork done, but also bring along my adopted miniature poodle/ bichon, Luna to keep me company. The rest of the time I am practicing yoga or meditation and relaxing by the ocean. 

How did it all start? How did you get into this industry?

Psychology and yoga are my two greatest passions. I got into psychology first as I started working with individuals with severe mental illness. Eventually, I started using yoga and meditation techniques with these individuals and noticed changes happening with them. That's when I became interested in incorporating both into my life and hoping to introduce them to others.  

What does “Living Your Passion” mean to you? 

To me, living your passion means filling your life up with things, people, places, events, hobbies, etc. that excite you and make your heart feel whole. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

In people and their emotions. I always want to try creating as happy of a world as possible even if I feel like what I'm doing may be small.

Passion or Perseverance? Which is more important in achieving success?

I would have to go with passion. I believe it drives anything and with passion comes perseverance. You cannot persevere if you are not passionate about it.  

What keeps you grounded?

Gratitude. Always reminding myself to be thankful and grateful for what I have in life makes me the happiest. Compassion is another one. I try to love every human being unconditionally.  

Whats the most important piece of advice you can give for someone looking to "take the plunge” and live their passion. 

Listen to your heart!

Anything exciting coming up in your agenda?  

Just taking it day by day, moment by moment :)



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