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About Omberry

It started with a simple idea.

Make unique, stylish, and super comfortable clothes for the modern day explorer. And I mean that in both the physical and metaphorical sense. An urban traveler, a yogi, a ballerina. Someone who seeks new perspectives, experiences, and meaning. 

Exploring the world with curious eyes; cycling through Essaouira in the afternoon; traveling by railway in the 1920s; listening to the seagulls in Saint-Tropez, breathing in the salty sea air; capturing a moment in Montmartre; finding yourself in Chennai. 

I had worked as a product designer but had always wanted to create something more intimate, more personal - so in 2012, with a head full of ideas and heart full of passion, I took the leap into Omberry. 


Exploring uncharted lands

Three years, four collections, and a whole lot of laughter and tears later, I think I've finally gotten the hang of it...

Each collection is inspired by a memory of a vintage era – bringing in subtle and surprising twists that you wouldn’t normally see in yoga and active wear; from the silhouettes, palette, and styling; to the performance fabrics, and detailing – Omberry is as much exploration as it is design. 

There’s something about fashion from the past that is both familiar and exciting when you combine it with contemporary design language.

We're honoured to have been featured in Cosmopolitan (Korean Edition, Jan 2014), Harper's Bazaar (June & Aug 2013), South China Morning Post (Mar 2015), Dolce Vita (TVB), and many more. This is a shout out to all of our dedicated fans who tirelessly help spread the word!

Behind the Seams

Victoria Fong grew up and lives in Hong Kong with her husband and their (soon to be arriving) black Labrador Retriever Oreo. She graduated with a BA in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, in 2004 and loves all things design, fashion, and travel. She is a certified yoga instructor, and dedicates as much time as she can to improving her practice. She makes a mean ham and avocado sandwich.

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