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Spring Series: Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta 2 Ways

Everyone’s got a go-to pasta dish. Swapping conventional pasta for vegan pasta is a great way to add more greens to your diet. We've got the perfect recipe for you. This simple 15 minutes fix from vegan chef Dana Choi will be your go-to favourite this Spring. WAY 1: Cashew + Pine Nut Basil Pesto Sauce Prep time: 15 mins2 servings Ingredients: 2 zucchinis 1 ½ cup fresh basil leaves 1 cup soaked cashews (soak for 15 mins) 1/8 cup pine nuts 2 garlic cloves¼ cup nutritional yeast (gives a cheesy flavour) 1 lemon juiced (approximately 4 tablespoons) Salt & pepper to taste ¼ cup olive oil Directions: First we make the noodles- peel your zucchinis and set them aside. You...

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Spring Series: Raspberry & Strawberry Gazpacho

Perfect for lunch or a long day at work, this Raspberry & Strawberry Gazpacho pick-me-up recipe from vegan chef Dana Choi is easy to make and simply delicious! It's packed to the brim with vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fibres that will keep your body balanced and energized throughout the day. Try it for yourself and see! How good is it? Raspberry, lemon and grapes are great sources of vitamin C and antioxidants. Cucumbers and strawberries contain flavonoids that can reduce the risk of heart diseases and have anti- cancer benefits. Cucumbers are also super high in water content hence keeps your skin hydrated and slow down wrinkles. Garlic helps to detoxify heavy metals and helps beat the common cold. Onions...

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Spring Series: The Breakfast Granola

As we’re embracing warmer climates, we’re thinking of all the different ways we can lighten our load. One way is to simply eat healthier. Light, refreshing, yet nutritious meals are perfect for this time of the year and we’ve checked in with vegan chef, Dana Choi for some inspirations. "I love these granola bars because they are perfect for busy people on the go, especially after the gym as they are filling and consist of nuts and fibres that provide energy for our brains in which the standard processed western diet seems to be lacking in. I know the granola bars at the supermarket seem convenient because they are right there, but also take a look at the list of ingredients,...

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The Living Your Passion Project: Dana Choi

Who are you? I go by the name Dana Choi. I am living and working in Korea, I am half Korean and half Dutch. I am a health advocate, certified raw vegan chef, and an artist. I like to make music and paint and create raw vegan foods that are delicious and spread the word about the benefits of such healing foods to anyone that is interested in my passion.   What do you do? Tell us about your typical day. I am a creative director in the F&B industry. I have a wide range of responsibilities so I do not usually have a typical day. I help communicate with our clients abroad and assist with importing products, other times...

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The Living Your Passion Project: Angeline Yeo

Who are you? I am Angie, a 23 year old yogi and full-time yoga instructor / marketer at The Yoga Collective, Singapore's first home-concept yoga studio. What do you do? Tell us about your typical day. I start my day either going for a yoga class or practicing on my own at home. I believe that self-practice is really important for a yoga instructor to continue growing and honing his/her craft in teaching and yoga! After that, I head to The Yoga Co to work - a typical work day at The Yoga Co includes teaching classes, planning marketing timelines and designing collaterals for the studio. Many people may think that it is a really relaxing job being a yoga...

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