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The Living Your Passion Project: Lucia Tam

Who are you? 

Lucia Tam, ex Canadian representative for Professional Ballroom Division and now a rebounding fitness instructor at BounceLimit.

What do you do? Tell us about your typical day. 

I teach and manage BounceLimit classes and programs.

How did it all start? How did you get into this industry?

I got into fitness about 6 years ago when I got hired as a dance instructor at a corporate gym. 

What does “Living Your Passion” mean to you? 

I do what I enjoy and I work what I enjoy. I always want to find happiness in everything I do and I give all my passion and integrity into it. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

Inspiration comes from within. If you have the faith and integrity to reach your goal then you will find ways of getting inspired. For example, I wake up each morning to educate one more person about how their body works so they don't fall into injuring themselves.

Passion or Perseverance? Which is more important in achieving success?

Both are important. Sometimes people just don't understand and you have to keep trying to be able toget the message across and without passion you won't have the perseverance. 

What keeps you grounded?

My goal and my team. I keep my goal in mind everyday and focus on achieving it; and my team helps me push through the obstacles. 

Whats the most important piece of advice you can give for someone looking to "take the plunge” and live their passion?

Don't give up! I have had countless conversations with my parent and family about my decision as a dancer. I tell them I love it and I want to be the best at it. I kept pushing until I landed the gig I wanted. 

Anything exciting coming up in your agenda?

Loads of exciting stuff! Our 1 year anniversary at BounceLimit is coming up and we are also launching into our main line of fitness. BounceRehab is a newly designed program for elders, children with disabilities, and rehabilitation programs.



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